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‘Undocumented Americans’ are people ‘we care about the most’ –Sen Murphy (D-Conn)

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Notice the Captions: “The Republican Mess” and “Republicans sabotage their own border deal.”

“Undocumented Americans” do not exist, Senator.  If you ARE an American, you ARE documented. Otherwise, you are an immigrant, legal or otherwise.

The plain fact is the “Border Deal” referred to was NOT about securing the border; it was about ways to process illegal immigrants faster and funnel more money to foreign countries. And it’s not “The Republican’s own…” either.

What’s interesting during this interview is that the Senator — who is supposed to represent the actual citizens of the US and of his home state of Connecticut — is saying the illegal immigrants are the ones the Democrats care about most. Hmm.

See the interview snippet here:

Somehow, I doubt the “8000 a day” border crossers he says are “applying for asylum” are actually applying for asylum!

It should also be noted that Murphy is officially a Biden campaign surrogate and is appointed to Biden’s National Advisory Board.

On a related note, who is the fastest-growing group of illegals? CHINESE! Coincidence? Even the MSM is starting to get nervous about the border crossers.



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