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Say goodbye to more American Jobs. Thanks Joe Biden

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First Biden removed the tariffs from the Europe Union, now he’s removing them from Japan. I normally don’t support tariffs, but our allies were dumping their products like Steel and Aluminum below cost. Who was crying the most? California steel companies wanted to buy that cheap steel Would rather import from Japan and other companies instead of buying from American companies.

We have this from NTD News.

The United States reached an agreement with Japan on Monday to lift the 25 percent tariff imposed on Japanese steel products by Trump during his presidency, according to U.S. Trade Representative and Department of Commerce officials.

The agreement will allow up to 1.25 million tons of Japanese steel imports per year into the U.S. market without being subject to Section 232 tariffs, starting April 1. U.S. steel industry executives had voiced concern that the Biden administration would negotiate too much access for foreign steelmakers, which might result in a flood of imports as they invest billions of dollars in new capacity.

And the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving will continue.





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