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How funny is this? NEA staff workers threaten strike.

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How funny is this? NEA staff workers threaten strike.

Field service employees at the National Education Association, which represents teachers, voted Monday to authorize a strike.

The NEA, the nation’s largest union, usually stokes strikes across the country, but Axios noted that the NEA is dealing with its own internal troubles among its 48 employees.

Despite the small staff, the union represents around 3 million education professionals from preschool to graduate school. It has been without a contract since May.

LaToya Johnson, the staff union’s bargaining chair, told Axios that NEA staffers are asking for the same kinds of benefits that they are fighting to get for teachers.

“The NEA is going to have to step up and honor the values of the organization,” Johnson said.

The union is asking for a raise in line with inflation. Unless both sides reach a deal this week, a two-day strike will begin Friday with a picket line at an NEA conference in Atlanta.

The staff rebellion comes amid a year of labor-movement resurgence, typified by the United Auto Workers strikes that have shut down dozens of plants as workers seek higher wages, better benefits, and new protections.

Even within those strikes, divisions have begun to surface. UAW members at some Ford and General Motors plants in Kentucky and Michigan rejected a tentative agreement between the car unions and companies.

Teachers’ strikes also are heating up, notably in Portland, Oregon, where the public school district just offered a significant salary increase. However, local unions rejected the proposal.

“When it comes to class sizes and caseloads, there was no improvement,” said Portland Association of Teachers President Angela Bonilla.

“For planning time, it’s the status quo for a majority of our members and less planning time for a portion of our educators. When it comes to a cost-of-living increase, there was no movement beyond a small one-time cash bonus.”

Luca Cacciatore |

Luca Cacciatore, a Newsmax general assignment writer, is based in Arlington, Virginia, reporting on news and politics. 


Workers at Influential Labor Union Authorize Strike |


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The Cure is Worse Than the Disease.

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The Cure is Worse Than the Disease. Supporting the former things..


The take home message that I get from this cartoon – is that we all have to get out and vote in the primaries, as well as general elections. It is in the primaries where we lose a lot of our conservative candidates – particularly in purple regions.
It is by getting out and voting, that things will change in the House and Senate.


Bonus points for anyone who can figure this out.

A meeting of heroes and martinis last night!

Dr Bhattacharya, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr. Maryanne Demasi, Dr. Simon Goddek, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Jeffrey Tucker, among many others were at the Brownstone Conference and Gala in Dallas Texas for a great day of discussions, followed by a fantastic dinner.

Pictured: Naomi Wolf and Jill at the Brownstone Gala last night.

The expression √(1+tan²c) can be simplified using the trigonometric identity:

  • tan²c + 1 = sec²c
  • Therefore, the expression can be rewritten as:
  • √(1+tan²c) = √sec²c
  • The square root of sec²c is simply sec c.
  • So, √(1+tan²c) simplifies to sec c.
  • So the shirt reads:
    “I’m sec c and I know it”




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Soros-Funded DA Gets a Taste of What She’s Created After Leaving $90K SUV Unattended

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Surprise! (Not the county-owned SUV.)

Maybe now she’ll see how her citizens feel.

Pamela Price, the progressive prosecutor in Alameda County, California, got a look at crime, up close and personal, when her office laptop was stolen from an SUV after her bodyguard parked the vehicle Friday afternoon, according to KGO-TV in Oakland.

And police never showed up to take a report.

The incident took place during working hours when Price was at the Alameda County Family Justice Center about 3:30 p.m., KGO reporter Dan Noyes wrote in a social media post.

When she returned to the vehicle, she found a window broken and several items stolen, including the laptop.

Now, no decent human being wishes ill fortune to another, and being the victim of a vehicle burglary definitely comes under the heading of “ill fortune.”

But the Pamela Price case might lead to at least a justifiable feeling of schadenfreude.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle report from May 2018, Price first ran for D.A. as a civil rights attorney who had no experience prosecuting criminal defendants.

But what she did have was the financial backing of billionaire George Soros, a man who has devoted his huge fortune to leftist causes, such as undermining criminal justice in the United States by funding the campaigns of district attorneys who have precious little interest in actually enforcing the law.

Price lost in 2018, but ran again in 2022 and won on a platform of “aggressive steps to restore public trust in our criminal justice system, ensure public safety, end mass incarceration and root out racial, socioeconomic and gender disparities within Alameda County’s criminal justice system.”

To a cynical ear, the idea of a D.A. devoted to ending “mass incarceration” and occupying herself with “racial, socioeconomic and gender disparities” instead of simple law enforcement and protecting victims might sound like a recipe for introducing anarchy into a criminal justice system.

But in staunchly Democratic Alameda County, it got Price elected — and voters have been paying the price since.

According to a July report in National Review about citizen unhappiness with their D.A., violent crime in Oakland was up 15 percent compared to 2022, when Price was not the D.A. Property crime was up by 28 percent.

And on Friday, it went up just a little bit more, thanks to the break-in of a vehicle used by Price herself. Making the situation worse, according to KGO, Price waited for an hour for police to show up.

When they didn’t, she reported the crime online. (That’s just what every victim of crime wants to do.)

And plenty of social media users saw the irony. Or maybe the word is “justice.”

“Priceless,” one wrote.

“She forgot to put a sticker on her car that says ‘I’m the one who keeps you out of jail,’” wrote another.

“She got some of her own medicine,” the user wrote. “Now she knows what regular citizens feel like when they are victims of crime.”

Actually, she doesn’t know exactly how regular citizens feel. Regular citizens aren’t riding around in $90,000 Tahoe SUVs driven by taxpayer-funded bodyguards, for instance.

And the property regular citizens are losing to crime won’t be paid for by the county government.

But Pamela Price might have just gotten a glimpse of what life is really like under the progressive policies of the prosecutors George Soros has funded to destroy criminal justice in the name of what leftists call “social justice.”

Price is currently the target of a recall effort, according to KNTV, a Bay Area NBC affiliate.

Chesa Boudin, the former progressive district attorney across the bay in San Francisco, learned in 2022 that those recall elections can kick out prosecutors who aren’t enforcing the law.

If that happens to Price and she’s a victim of a crime again, she might really see what everyday citizens are dealing with under her watch.




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Biden’s Approval Drops Eleven Points Among Democrats in Gallup Poll.

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Biden’s Approval Drops Eleven Points Among Democrats in Gallup Poll. Poll after poll we see that Joe’s in trouble. Now even the Democrats are seeing it.

Gallup Poll released Thursday shows Democrats’ approval of Joe Biden dropped eleven points in the past few weeks to the lowest point in Biden’s presidency. Biden went from 86 percent approval among Democrats down to 75 percent approval. Gallup analysis points to a growing slip in the Democratic Party between supporters of Israel and Palestinians affecting their response to Biden’s support for Israel after the October 7 terror attack by Hamas that killed 1,400 Israelis (including 33 Americans) and saw over 200 Israelis (and some Americans) taken hostage.

Biden’s overall approval slid from 41 percent in September to 37 percent in October. Independent approval went down from 39 percent to 35 percent, while Republican approval was steady at just 5 percent.



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Ladies and Gentleman, the next mayor of Houston. %$#&*(*&^^%. Hopefully not.

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Ladies and Gentleman, the next mayor of Houston. %$#&*(*&^^%. Hopefully not. So trash mouth and all, Ms. Lee is retiring from Congress and running for mayor of Houston. Below is her platform.

I don’t want you to do a goddamn thing. I want you to have a f*cking brain. I want you to have read it. I want you to say, Congresswoman, with such and such date. That’s what I want. That’s the kind of staff that I want to have. So some stupid other motherf*cker did it. And, and I don’t have the information. Nobody sent me the information. I need to, uh, ensure my, um, schedule and, uh, you know, if, if Boo Boo did it, shit a** did it, f*ck face did it. And nobody knows a goddamn thing in my office. Okay? Nothing. I gave it to you. Your job was to get it on the calendar, imprint it in your brain, or send me the information back saying, “Congresswoman, I made sure that the Ovide Ducantell event that you gave me, uh, for a so-and-so date at seven is on the f*cking calendar.” Not to, oh, Jerome has it.

Sheila Jackson Lee • 1:02 – 1:33

Okay. So when I called Jerome, he only sitting up there like a fat a** stupid idiot talking about, uh, what the f*ck? He doesn’t know. Okay? Both of y’all are f*ck ups [inaudible]. It’s the worst sh*t that I could have ever had put together. Two g*ddamn big a** children f*cking idiots serve no goddamn purpose. Ain’t managing nobody. Nobody’s respecting them. Nobody gives a sh*t about what you’re doing and you ain’t doing sh*t. And this is an example of it. I gave it to Jerome. This is not child’s work.




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Weekend Funnies: Drama, Drama, Drama

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Everyone Is looking To be offended”


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Will step climbing be added to the regular Olympics?

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Will step climbing be added to the regular Olympics?

Nuff said.



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How funny is this? Senator Fetterman talking about someone in DC not being the best and the brightest.

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How funny is this? Senator Fetterman talking about someone in DC not being the best and the brightest.

Here’s a person who has trouble putting two sentences together that make sense. I just wonder if he’s related to Joe Biden?

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) went on the leftist “comedian’s” late night host’s show to discuss his health struggles and the challenges of working in a “dysfunctional” Congress.

“You all need to know that America is not sending its best and brightest to Washington D.C.,” said Fetterman, sporting his signature cargo shorts and hoodie. “Sometimes you can’t believe these are the people are making the decisions that are determining the government.”



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“You Can’t Say That!”: 18 Time-Honored Sayings Woke Culture Wants to Erase from History

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Story by Elliot Peters for Man and Home 10-11-23

Wokism: A growing cultural consciousness that makes us think twice before using certain phrases. Our words shape our world, and while some old-school sayings might bring nostalgia, they can also encourage outdated or offensive views. So, let’s walk down memory lane and explore how some classic expressions have been reshaped – for better or for worse!

Hitting a Blind Spot and Not Just on the Road.

People often used the term “blind spot” in driving jargon, indicating that little area that mirrors just couldn’t capture. But when used metaphorically, it raised eyebrows. Connecting “blind” to “ignorance” can offend the visually impaired community. As society becomes more conscious of such subtleties, shifting from potentially insensitive idioms becomes key.

(Raises WHOSE eyebrows? I’m “visually impaired,” and I don’t have a problem with it,)

Indian Giver Is More Than Just a Take-Back

The term “Indian Giver” paints a misleading image of Native Americans, suggesting a tendency to retract gifts. Given the profound respect Native Americans have for giving and community, this phrase is a glaring misrepresentation. Today’s informed society is moving away from such misnomers, embracing accuracy and respect.

(Again, I have to take issue with this reasoning, since anyone with the least bit of American History know that the term at its core refers to Americans (usually the government) who gave Natives things then took them back. Every single Treaty the US Government made, they broke.)


While “addict” may have been tossed around easily in the past, it’s a narrow lens to view someone through. Addiction is a complex issue, and pigeonholing someone’s identity based solely on it is reductive. So, the world now leans towards more empathetic terms like “person with an addiction,” which better reflects the reality of the situation.

(Another indication of wanting to use more words to obscure a simple fact, like changing “homeless person” or” the homeless” to “person experiencing homelessness.” Seriously, are they going to start referring to abandoned or feral cats as “Felines experiencing homelessness” next?)

Lame Language? Time for an Upgrade!

Once, we wouldn’t think twice before labeling that less-than-thrilling movie as “lame.” But did you know this term originally described those with physical challenges? It’s high time we jazz up our vocabulary, don’t you think? There’s a whole world of words out there, from “mundane” to “uninspiring,” waiting to be used.


Man Up? Let’s Think Bigger!

“Man up” – it might’ve been your coach’s favorite pep talk. Yet, it subtly hints that bravery is a man’s game. Newsflash! With our evolving understanding of gender fluidity and emotional strength, shouldn’t our idioms grow, too? Bravery isn’t just for one of the genders. Let’s cheer each other on in more inclusive ways.

(Yeah, let’s bring in woke concepts like “gender fluidity” instead.)

Decoding the Policeman Conundrum

In the past, “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” was a staple line from the movies. But with the increasing number of dedicated women in blue, that phrase can feel out of place, right? The term “police officer” bridges this gap. It’s unbiased, forward-thinking, and gives a nod of respect to every individual serving in the force, irrespective of their gender.

(Using “police officer” is okay, but again the ‘logic’ is misleading You’re much more likely to have heard “Call the Cops!” or “Call the police!” than “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” )

Hey, Guys! Or is it… Everyone?

Who hasn’t just called out, “Hey, guys!” upon entering a gathering? It was the ultimate casual greeting. However, on closer examination, “guys” might be boxing us into gender corners. With society’s expanding views on gender and inclusivity, it’s about time our everyday greetings got an upgrade. “Hello, folks” or “Hey, crew” has a fresh, inclusive ring to it, right?

(Oh, dear! “gender AND inclusivity?” What a crock!)

Don’t Be So Hysterical

Using “hysterical” to describe something extremely funny or exaggerated became second nature for many. However, a peek into the past reveals its association with women, suggesting an exaggerated emotional state. In our journey towards embracing gender fairness and shedding stereotypes, sidelining such terms feels right.

(Feels trump everything, right?”

Grandfathered Is a Term with Deep Roots .

On the surface, “grandfathered” shows a sense of legacy and timelessness. However, its historical roots connect it to policies that, unfortunately, sidelined Black communities during the post-Civil War period. As conversations around racial justice become louder, reassessing and recontextualizing some of our age-old terms seems the best option.

(What juvenile BS!)

Real Man, Real Woman? Let’s Rethink That! .

Ever wondered who came up with the criteria for a “real” man or woman? These phrases press people into molds they may not fit into. Instead of sticking to narrow definitions, it’s high time we acknowledged and celebrated every person’s individuality. After all, every person’s journey and identity are real and valid, regardless of societal expectations.

(I can’t decide whether the OP is being satirical or serious. For 99% of humans you’re either XX -female- or XY -male- and surgical mutilation does not change that. [I’m excluding the extremely rare hermaphrodites.)

Mastering a New Bedroom Terminology

Historically, the term “Master bedroom” sounded fancy. But dig a little deeper, and you uncover undertones of slavery and hierarchical dominance. As societies become more conscious and sensitive, many advocate for a terminology shift. “Primary bedroom” or “main suite” not only sounds contemporary but also lacks the baggage of the past.

(More regurgitated crap. Some snowflake’s feels might get hurt.)

Seeing Beyond ‘Colorblind’

In the past, proclaiming, “I’m colorblind” was a well-intended remark to show you were impartial about race. However, in today’s more nuanced world, this phrase might be seen as a way to gloss over individual racial experiences and challenges. It’s not about being blind to color but understanding and appreciating the stories each color tells.

(This stupidity needs no further comment.)

From Mankind to Humankind: An Inclusive Shift.

Once upon a time, “mankind” was a common phrase, representing all of humanity. But as our understanding of gender becomes more sophisticated and inclusive, this term feels a tad exclusive. The shift towards “humankind” is more than just linguistic. It’s a nod towards a future where everyone feels seen and acknowledged.

(There’s already a term for that: HUMANITY, FFS.)

The Whitelist Conundrum.

The term “Whitelist” was traditionally used to describe approved or safe items. However, against a backdrop of racial sensitivities, words that unconsciously encourage color biases are being reevaluated. So, it’s no surprise that “allow list” is gaining traction, emphasizing function over potentially problematic connotations.

(Has anyone ever seen “allow list” before? Or “disallow list”?)

Steering Clear of ‘Gyp’

To “gyp” someone out of something meant that you deceived them. But what many might not realize is that it’s rooted in stereotypes against the Romani people. With a broader understanding of cultural sensitivities, it’s only right that we retire such phrases and opt for words that don’t allow for such biases.

(This one I can agree with, but what’s next? Eliminate “con” because it offends people convicted of a crime?)

Humanizing Undocumented Individuals

Terms matter, especially when they concern human beings. Labeling someone as an “illegal alien” feels cold and strips them of their humanity. As conversations around immigration grow more compassionate, “undocumented individuals” emerges as a term that’s both accurate and respectful.

(They’re still here illegally, bunky.)

I’ can’t hear you! Nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you!

The ‘Crazy’ and ‘Insane’ Evolution

Calling an unexpected event “crazy” or “insane” was commonplace. But as society becomes more aware of the realities and challenges of mental health, such casual use can feel dismissive. When used out of context, these terms can trivialize genuine mental health issues. It reflects a society that’s growing more empathetic by the day.

(So, calling the Hamas 2023 mass murders “Insane” is inaccurate?)

Moving Away from Troubled Waters

Historically, the expression “sold down the river” was used casually to indicate betrayal. However, its origins trace back to the dark times of American slavery, where slaves were often literally sold down the Mississippi River. Today, with an emphasis on sensitivity and historical accuracy, it’s better to opt for alternatives like “betrayed” or “deceived.”

(Uhm, historically, it would have been UP the Mississippi. New Orleans was the port of entry, not someplace in Iowa or Illinois. Yet another woke distortion.)

As I said above, I’m not sure if the OP is being satirical or serious. Unfortunately, I think he’s serious.



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How funny is this? Alexa has The Washington Post and Amazon going crazy.

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How funny is this? Alexa has The Washington Post and Amazon going crazy. Even after reprograming, Alexa still calls Donald Trump the winner in 2020.

Alexa, who won the 2020 election? Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon that’s in an estimated 70 million homes, has been falsely telling users the 2020 election was rigged, the Washington Post learned. Alexa has said incorrectly that Joe Biden’s presidential victory over Donald Trump was “stolen by a massive amount of election fraud” and that Trump won Pennsylvania. An Amazon spokesperson said these were isolated incidents that were quickly fixed. However, even after the WaPo brought these issues to the attention of Amazon, Alexa was still answering questions about the 2020 election with fake news.

Even fake news was running this article.

‘Alarming’: Amazon’s Alexa reportedly says 2020 election was stolen from Trump (

Alexa says the 2020 election was stolen. What does it mean for 2024? – The Washington Post




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