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Systemic Racism from Progressive White Plantationists.

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Systemic Racism from Progressive White Plantationists. All racism is wrong. But Systemic Racism from the left, especially from progressive white plantationists gets little notice. Oh those white progressives claim that they care about people of color, but look at their history.

Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow Laws, etc. Then we had the Civil Rights Act. How did the white progressives use it? Well they placed people of color in certain neighbourhoods, run down education system, welfare over workfare, and it goes on and on.

So now the big things are reparations and support of hate groups like Antifa and BLM. And the push to put those of color in front of everyone else? And check out Biden’s cabinet.

Racism is now okay in the USA. If people don’t start speaking up, we are going to be in a whole lot of hurt. Phil Scott is a so-called Republican Governor, but it’s communist Vermont, and he’s a progressive.

Why aren’t white people suing? This is unconstitutional — a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Apparently, MLK Jr. is history, and progressive systemic racism is here!


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