Changes for Looking at today’s world.

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Changes for Looking at today’s world. I know, only been around since May and changing already. I’ve pretty much ignored this channel. But that will be changing. As you may or may not know, this channel has been mostly political. Some music, food, and recipes. Polls, Politics, and Music will stayNon- Political Polls, Food, and recipes will be moving over to Koda.

Three other changes.

One. I’ve decided to take the  articles and put them more into my words. My views.

Two. you will know the sources by the words that are underlined and in Red.

Three. More adds so be patient as I get the bugs out. Besides Amazon, working with disqus, Best Buy, Walmart, E-Bay and others.

Even though I’ve posted very few articles this month, over 20,000 folks have viewed the articles. Now the least views have been from disqus followers ( 3,000 ).

Now I’ve tried to keep a good mix. Some folks I’ve not sent invites for political discussions. If you wish to be removed or do not wish to be invited for political discussions, please let me know.




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