This is crazy. Appeals Court Blocks San Diego County Restaurant Openings

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This is crazy. Appeals Court Blocks San Diego County Restaurant Openings. Recently they were able to track where the most likely place to get the Covid in California. Restaurants were the least likely. So what does the governor do? He orders shut downs on indoor and outdoor dining. How crazy is this? First we had this ruling.

Superior Court Judge Joel Wohlfeil said Wednesday that the state failed to show restaurants and strip clubs contributed to the spread of the virus or shortage of hospital beds.

“These business establishments provide sustenance to and enliven the spirits of the community, while providing employers and employees with means to put food on the table and secure shelter, clothing, medical care, education and, of course, peace of mind for they and their families,” he wrote.

Then we had this court ruling.

A California appeals court on Friday blocked a judge’s order allowing San Diego County restaurants to resume indoor and outdoor dining, keeping Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home edict in full effect.

A three-judge panel’s brief order gave no explanation and came almost immediately after the state asked for emergency intervention. Two strip clubs were given until Wednesday to ask the appeals court to reconsider.

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