Mr. President shut this Turkey down. VETO, VETO, VETO,

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Mr. President shut this Turkey down. VETO, VETO, VETO. I don’t agree with the bill because of the $600.00. That buys a lot of orange drink and buckets of Popeye’s Chicken. Just think what $2,000 would buy. Sweet Baby Jesus.

My big objection is all the money for the social programs and foreign aid. And giving money to families with undocumented immigrants? What’s with that? My biggest agreement with our President.  President Trump blasted money appropriated for foreign aid, environmental programs and cultural institutions, calling them “wasteful.”

Maybe a pocket veto will do the trick. A pocket veto occurs when Congress adjourns during the ten-day period. The president cannot return the bill to Congress. The president’s decision not to sign the legislation is a pocket veto and Congress does not have the opportunity to override.

What say you?


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