But but Joe said it’s free, so what happened? New Mexico Cancels Plan to Offer Free College

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Just think what would have happened if this Program would have been started in January.

But but Joe said it’s free, so what happened? New Mexico Cancels Plan to Offer Free College. Back in September the Governor announced that 55,000 New Mexico residents would get free college. Yep not pay a penny. So what happened? Why isn’t it free?

Well New Mexico is one of those states that went into panic mode telling folks that if you don’t hide under the kitchen table and cry for your mommy, you would die. So people stopped working and oil profits are drying up. So guess what? No free college. We have this from our friends at Campus reform.

Plans to use oil profits to pay for the Opportunity Scholarship are now on hold, however, due to the decrease in oil prices.The oil industry in New Mexico makes up almost 40 percent of the state’s revenue and was already affecting the budget in spring 2020.

“I’ve just never seen anything like it. And quite frankly, I don’t know what it means,” State Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith said, according to the New Mexico Political Report.

Activist and attorney Jorge Galicia, a Venezuelan who fled his home country due to the economic collapse from socialism, discussed New Mexico’s situation with Campus Reform. 


“The first thing we have to note about this whole plan is that it wasn’t even necessary for it to take into effect to notice why this is such a bad idea. Financing huge social programs with taxpayers’ money (or in this case, oil revenue money) might work for some time, but inevitably the state will run out of money at some point making it impossible to maintain the funding for these ambitious programs,” he said. 

Now we have the illegitimate President elect saying he was going to offer free junior college. Do they ever learn? Nothings free.

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