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The super spreader that Joe owns. The Undocumented

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The super spreader that Joe owns. The Undocumented What did Joe think would happen? He opens the border, stops the wall, and doesn’t test or quarantine. Oh I forgot, he cages children. Oh sure we hear about Miami and what a super spreader that is, I even posted how a loon in California claimed that 5 or 6 people in a grocery store was the reason the whole state was in lock down Sad.

So the undocumented are roaming the country. It’s bad enough that they’re here unwanted. Watch if some make it to red states, they won’t be blamed. American citizens will be cause the MSM will print or report that masks weren’t worn.

The federal government does not have a centralized system for tracking or responding to Covid-19 cases among the surge of migrants crossing the United States’ southern border, according to interviews with six senior administration officials and multiple individuals tasked with responding to the influx.

The Biden administration has outsourced most Covid-19 testing and quarantining for migrants to local health agencies and nongovernmental organizations. But it’s unclear how many have been tested for the virus, how many have tested positive and where infected people are being isolated along the border, four of the senior administration officials told POLITICO.


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