President Trump’s tariffs work. Don’t believe me? Just ask Biden’s Commerce chief.

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President Trump’s tariffs work. Don’t believe me? Just ask Biden’s Commerce chief. Also the Commerce Secretary admitted that Jobs were actually saved. Remember when Joe said China was our friend and only Russia was an enemy. But the Trump tariffs not only smacked China, it also saved American jobs. From the Secretary.

“With respect for tariffs, there is a place for tariffs,” she said. “You know, the 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum have, in fact, helped save American jobs in steel and aluminum industries.”

“First, we have to be honest which is to say China’s behavior is anti-competitive, coercive, their human rights abuses are horrific. And they need to be held to account for that,” she said, before addressing the effects of Trump’s tariffs directly.

“Let me say, those tariffs have been effective,” Raimondo explained. “The data show that those tariffs have been effective, and I think what President Biden has said is we’re going to have a whole of government review of all of these policies and decide what it makes sense to maintain.”

Even Biden came around after the election. “I’m not going to make any immediate moves, and the same applies to the tariffs,” Biden said during his December interview with the newspaper, additionally highlighting goals to better coordinate with allied countries. The president noted that “leverage” was necessary to approach further relations with China, adding, “in my view, we don’t have it yet.”

I remember the Progressive hate groups were upset that their allies were being punished. I guess Biden changed his mind after he found out that Hunter wasn’t offered a job as a CEO for a Chinese company.







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