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How sad that Joe would forget History.

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How sad that Joe would forget History. Sorry Joe, CBS indirectly says that you lied. First, did you forget what happened on 911?  Also how about five other attacks on the capitol? One of them we had Five congressmen — Republicans Alvin Bentley and Ben Jensen, and Democrats Clifford Davis, George Hyde Fallon and Kenneth Roberts — were injured by gunfire. Bentley was the most seriously injured and required numerous surgeries.


One was Obama’s old friends from the Weather Underground. But Joe for some reason forgets history. Below are the dates. All after the Civil War.

Three sticks of dynamite — July 2, 1915

Puerto Rican nationalists attack Congress — March 1, 1954

Bombing in protest of U.S. military in Laos — March 1, 1971

Armed Resistance Unit bombing — Nov. 7, 1983

On July 24, 1998, Russell Eugene Weston, Jr. burst into the Capitol and opened fire, killing two Capitol Police officers, Jacob Chestnut and John Gibson. Weston’s motives remain unknown and he faced murder charges for the shootings. However, he was committed in a mental institution with paranoid schizophrenia.


For some reason the MSM just let’s Joe say these loony tune things.




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