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How the MSM, Democrat Politicians, and White Progressive Plantationists CONTRIBUTED TO DOZENS OF DEATHS, BILLIONS IN DAMAGE IN ‘SUMMER OF VIOLENCE.

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How the MSM, Democrat Politicians, and White Progressive Plantationists, CONTRIBUTED TO DOZENS OF DEATHS, BILLIONS IN DAMAGE DURRING THE ‘SUMMER OF VIOLENCE.

We were treated to what at first appeared to be rare mea culpa this week as reporters read the Department of the Interior inspector general’s report on the riots and police response in Lafayette Park last summer and appeared shocked to find that the Park Police and Attorney General Bill Barr and even President Donald Trump were telling the truth when they said the crowd was going to be dispersed before police knew the president was thinking of coming down there.

We have this from Mollie Hemmingway.

CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post — among many other left-wing news media outlets — falsely claimed that tear gas was used against “peaceful protesters.”

“This was not a peaceful environment at all,” Hemingway noted, “and the media reaction that said you couldn’t do anything as people were besieging the White House — causing the president to be put in a bunker for his safety — or churches were being burned, or these park police were being injured, actually contributed so much to the entire summer of violence, because people were terrified of doing anything to restore order.”

She continued, “If you couldn’t do it even at the White House, [you] certainly couldn’t do it to just protect people’s businesses in a random city, and so the dozens of people that were killed, the billions of dollars in damage, I think, were really related to the media hysteria over this moment when the park — Lafayette Park — was cleared because things had gotten out of control in that area.”


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