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Hey Democrats, be afraid be very afraid.

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Hey Democrats, be afraid be very afraid. Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on ballot harvesting ends the Democrats attempt to suppress the vote. Odds are that the governments case against Georgia is going no where. Hopefully Republicans in states like California will follow Arizona’s lead. Ballot harvesting must go by the way side forever.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling upheld Arizona’s common sense election law, preventing the fraud-laden practices of ballot harvesting and counting of ballots in the wrong precinct.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s election law reinforces the argument that MLB’s decision to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta had no objective merit,” said Job Creators Network legal counsel Howard Kleinhendler. “It was a heartless decision based on MLB’s desire to identify with the woke cancel culture.”

Don’t be surprised if you see Republican Senators in Arizona and Georgia.




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