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Define stupidity. Jen Psaki We believe that Cuomo abused women but not Joey Boy.

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Define stupidity. Jen Psaki. We believe that Cuomo abused women but not Joey Boy. A NY Post reporter asked Psaki a legitimate question.

“Biden was accused by female secret service agents, skinny dipping in front of them, offending them, according to a former Washington Post reporter…his former senate aide Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault… the Washington Post and the New York Times published multiple accounts of women who objected to the way Biden touched them – should there be an independent investigation of allegations into the president as there was into Governor Cuomo?” the reporter asked.

So according to Jen and one loon in Northern California, this has been litigated and all the courts found Joe not guilty. But yet we have not one example where this has had its day in court. And some folks wonder why it takes some folks ten years to get their degree.

Eight women, including Reade, have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately or invading their personal space in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Seven of the women said Biden’s behavior did not amount to sexual harassment or assault.

Biden released a two-minute video after the initial allegations were made public in April 2019, but he was criticized for giving what critics deemed a “non-apology apology,” in which he said he would try to do better moving forward. He later said he’s “not sorry for anything that I’ve ever done.”


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