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What a milestone. One million views and 35,000 lurks.

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What a milestone. One million views and 35,000 lurks. In August my three channels got one million views. Actually 1.1 million. The articles are posted on over a dozen different social media venues. But the people of the world ( we have had viewers from 50 different countries ) have supported my channels by comments, up votes, down votes, and just stopping in and reading the articles.

Now four different people since January have lurked here over 35,000 times. Which is interesting being that three of them supposedly have jobs and the fourth lives in a trailer with about a dozen kids. OK maybe only six.

Now you have to understand what my definition of a lurker is. These four go to my channels and cut and paste articles I’ve already done. I call it flattery. But they also tend to make fun of my wife’s decorations and my posting of recipes. What’s funny is that they make fun of furniture that costs more than the furniture in their whole house or trailer. And to make fun of tablecloths???????

Now I have no issues when you disagree with my politics But I just don’t get why they make fun of cities that the  majority are minorities especially since they are left of Bernie Sanders. Guess it has to do with their refusal to let go of Jim Crow.

So in closing, thanks for commenting, viewing, up voting and even down voting





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