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New Category. Just my own thoughts. Parents using children for their political views.

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I’ve decided to add a new category on this channel. Just my own thoughts. It will cover most categories but from a personal view. Everything is game except for Religion. You can make suggestions. Doesn’t have to be about politics, but don’t most topics seem to turn that way? So send me your ideas and if you would like to write an article, let me know. Today I would like to discuss children being used for their parents political views.

Some parents have no shame. Putting their children out there to push their political views. It really took off when the parents of Greta Thunberg put a 16 year old child telling us the world will end if we don’t listen to her. She turned out to be a joke. Sure she’s 18 or 19 and giving us the same old tired left wing theories but beside fanatics, is anyone listening?

Now we’re seeing children speaking out at school board meetings. 10-12  year olds telling us they want to learn the proper way to put on  condom or make masks mandatory so they don’t die.  Oh really?

Your thoughts are the children really thinking about this or are the parents gutless or ball less so they have the little ones put their views forward? What say you?

What the children should be doing.

See how that works?





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