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Save the children of California. Take the personal belief exemption.

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If you live in California and have a young child, save their life. Claim a personal belief exemption. So far the California governor hasn’t gotten his 12 year old vaccinated. Seems as if there’s other shots that are more important. I guess the governor feels that it’s not that big of a deal for children if he hasn’t had her take the jab or jabs. Guess he’s using the personal belief exemption. Is he trying to say that this pandemic isn’t as dangerous as what the media want us to believe?

When Gov. Gavin Newsom said last week that California would require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a critical caveat was tucked within the nation-leading announcement: Parents can opt their children out of inoculation based on personal beliefs.

So beside Medical and Religious, you now have personal beliefs. Sweet.





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