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Sell your house and run. Same loons who said you won’t get COVID if you get a jab or two.

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, a few loons told Ohio folks to move after GM during the Obama reign announced they were shutting down auto plants including one in Ohio. Well some sold their homes and fled. The smart ones stayed and are much better off. Here’s why.

Now the GM plant was Union. What did the remaining 700 do? Some probably got a Union job at the TJ Max distribution centre. Or the Union job at the Macy distribution centre. Or the Union job at the Old Dominion Truck depot. Did I mention the 1,500 JOBS AT THE GM battery plant? Over 3,500 Union jobs to pick from.

And if a union job isn’t your cup of tea? How about this? Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Foxconn is moving ahead with a plan to acquire a Lordstown Motors vehicle assembly plant in Ohio for $230 million, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Foxconn will hire the auto workers ( 600 ) from Lordstown Motors to build the truck. Also Fisker will be building a car at the plant. Another 1,500 workers. And you also have 300 Amazon jobs created. Another 2,400 jobs to pick from.

So GM closes a auto plant. And thanks to President Trump, almost 6,000 jobs replace 1,500. Capitalism at work.






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