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Another leftist apologizing after their hate speech. Whoopi goes after the Holocaust Jews.

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Well we have another loon from the left who puts out a statement of hate speech or  Antisemitism, and guess what? They apologize, Did I say that? Did my comments offend you? For those who disagree with my hate, I apologize.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg caused chaos on ABC’s “The View” Monday when she insisted that the Holocaust was “not about race.” 

While discussing a Tennessee school district’s recent ban of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel “Maus,” about a Holocaust survivor, Goldberg argued that the genocide was broader than a race-based injustice.

“The Holocaust isn’t about race. No, it’s not about race,” Goldberg, 66, said repeatedly. “It’s about man’s inhumanity to man.”





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