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That OTHER Global COVID Summit

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17,000 physicians and medical scientists make a plea to restore scientific integrity and end the national emergency

While global bureaucrats were meeting on May 12, 2022 at a summit hosted by President Biden to discuss how to “turn vaccines into vaccinations,” and how to increase demand for unwanted injections, another COVID summit was taking place.

The alternate summit focused on some big questions: Why have patients been denied life-saving medical treatments? Why are we not researching the damage being caused by the injections? Why are medical professionals still being censored by media companies, Big Tech and their own institutions?

The group known as the Global COVID Summit represents 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from all over the world who have signed on to a declaration based on the following ten foundational principles:

1.    We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.

2.    We declare doctors should not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatment.

3.    We declare the state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated.

4.    We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel and social restrictions must cease.

5.    We declare masks are not and have never been effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus in the community setting.

6.    We declare funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.

7.    We declare no opportunity should be denied, including education, career, military service or medical treatment, over unwillingness to take an injection.

8.    We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government, technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights be upheld.

9.    We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.

10.  We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.

Read more and watch the entire summit here or watch an in-depth interview with some of the Global COVID Summit doctors here.

With dozens of previously healthy young athletes literally dropping dead after getting jabbed, and hundreds of people seriously ill after getting jabbed, the Biden regime has now approved it for children — statistically the LEAST likely to contract Covid-19 — as young as FIVE years old.



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