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MSNBC Guest: “I’m Willing to Believe in Hell Just So That Trump Has Some Place to Go in the Next Life”

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I guess this moron didn’t realize that he admitted he only believed in Hell so he (!) could consign Trump there. Does this mean he’s an atheist as well as a far-left loon? No truly religious person would say something like that.
Elie Mystal pontificating on Trump’s final destination.
This is totally normal.

A toxic, far-left MSNBC guest suffering from a severe case of TDS said he would be willing to “believe in hell” so that Trump “has some place to go in the next life.”

Elie Mystal appeared on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection” Saturday morning with host Tiffany Cross and obsessed over Trump.

The lefty media is still obsessing over Trump.

They just can’t quit President Trump.

Elie Mystal and Tiffany Cross discussed the January 6 hearings even though nobody outside of the beltway cares about the J6 Committee.

“Will we ever see Trump held accountable for all the things that have come out in the January 6 hearings?” Tiffany Cross queried.

“Look, I’m willing to believe in Hell just so that Trump has some place to go in the next life to be held accountable,” Elie Mystal said as Tiffany Cross smiled.

He continued, “In this life it’s still up in the air.”

Joe Biden’s America is a dumpster fire.

The main reason why far-left networks like MSNBC and CNN continue to obsess over Trump is because Joe Biden’s America is a dumpster fire.

Biden tested positive for Covid the second time on Saturday as his poll numbers crater.

Inflation is at 40-year highs.

Gas prices are more than $5 a gallon in many states.

Americans are waiting in bread lines as food banks run out of food.

A record container backlog is developing on the East Coast.

The US is now experiencing shortages of baby formula, tampons, peanut butter, Halloween candy and other important commodities thanks to Joe Biden.

But MSNBC is talking about the January 6 hearings and fantasizing about Trump spending an eternity in hell.

Previously, in 2019, again on MSNBC, he also said:

‘I want pitchforks and torches outside’ Trump donor’s house in the Hamptons

A real nice guy. A thoughtful, respectful speaker. Graduate of Harvard. [Explicative, deleted]



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