Any threat especially against law enforcement or politicians will get you banned.
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China’s Stumbling Manufacturing, Property Sectors Show Long Road to Recovery – Data for the two key sectors was negative in July. The pressure isn’t expected to ease. A1

What’s News: Business & Finance A1

Consumers Have Powered Through the Pandemic and Inflation—Until Now A1

War With Russia Enters New Phase as Ukraine Readies Southern Counterblow A1

How JetBlue Prevailed in Fight With Frontier for Spirit Airlines A1

What’s News: World-Wide A1

Key Lime Pie Fans Whipped Up Over Dessert Snub A1

U.S. Eyes Sanctions Against Global Network It Believes Is Shipping Iranian Oil A1


Lower Inflation Likely Requires Higher Unemployment; How High Is the Question – The answer is quite high, if underlying inflation and the “natural” unemployment rate have risen, some economists say. A2

Economy Week Ahead: Hiring and Trade in Focus A2

Falling Food Prices Ease Upward Pressure on Global Inflation A2

Corrections & Amplifications A2

Raging Northern California Wildfire Prompts Evacuations, State of Emergency A3

President Biden Continues to Test Positive for Covid-19 A3

Kentucky Floods’ Death Toll Increases to 28, With More Rain Expected A3

Nichelle Nichols, Who Played Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 89 A3

Bill Russell, 11-Time NBA Champion, Dies at 88 A3

U.S. Would Gain Power to Negotiate Drug Prices Under Manchin-Schumer Bill A4

Democrats’ Corporate Tax Plan Threatens Higher Bills for Manufacturers A4

Senate Tax-and-Climate Plan Hinges on Streamlining Energy Projects A4

The U.S. Is Investing Big in Chips. So Is the Rest of the World. A4

Eric Greitens Tries to Win Over Missouri’s GOP Voters After Scandals A5

Slice of Profits From North Carolina Casino Goes to Relatives of Politicians A6


Black and Hispanic Employees Often Get Stuck at the Lowest Rung of the Workplace – A new comprehensive survey by McKinsey suggests that companies’ diversity efforts have largely missed the employees who stand to gain the most from them. R1

Seven Things You Should Know to Understand the Supply Chain R1

Companies Increase Efforts to Recruit Black Remote Workers to Diversify Their Workforce R4

Black Professionals Say Workplaces Have Changed Since George Floyd—but Not Enough R6

Is There a Relationship Between High CEO Pay and Corporate Effectiveness? R7

In Crowdfunding Campaigns, Being a Woman Might Be an Advantage R7

Inside Ferrari’s Plan to Enter the Electric-Car Market R8

For Entrepreneurs Looking to Raise Money, It Pays to Turn to Their College Alumni Network R8



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Any threat especially against law enforcement or politicians will get you banned.
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