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This must end. Proxy vote. 158 Democrats and Republicans are no show on the latest Inflation Bill

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Using the Obama-Biden Pandemic as an excuse, Pelosi allows members of the House have someone else cast their vote for them so they don’t have to show up for work.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — who has said numerous times that he would get rid of proxy voting if the Republicans take back the House in January — also stated in March that the term “proxy voting” would better be termed “convenience” voting, since members of both parties have used it like that, other than a precaution for the health crisis, which is what they claim.

Recently my Congressman Tim Ryan used it cause he feared for his life of dying of COVID if he were to appear in public. But yet the same day he made three different campaign stops.

The Senate has no such rule. You must be on the floor for your vote to count. Now what say you?


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