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As of today I declare that we have MSM, Conservative, Right and Left wing news.

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When it comes to politics all we ever hear is MSM news or Right wing news. Today I’m changing that. Some may be upset with my Right Wing category.

I’m adding Conservative and Left Wing news. MSM is now FOX, WSJ, USA Today, The Hill, Politico, and most of your business publications. Left Wing I’ve added ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, CNN and your regulars like VOX, AXIO, Etc. I’ve put Progressive and Liberal media with Left Wing.

Right wing was a tough call for me. I’m sure many who read my articles may be upset with me. But here goes anyway. Gateway, NewsMax, NY Post, Washington Times and Examiner are a few right wing. They do have great articles and most of the time are very factual. I also have in the past, and will use them in the future.

This brings me to Breitbart. Six months ago I would have placed them in the right wing. Today I’m calling them Conservative. Right now I’ll leave out others that I find Conservative.

What  say you?




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