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Much to do about nothing committee hearing drops their ridiculous request.

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This is an excerpt from Conservative Brief.

Sad that this is reported first in the UK. The UK’s reported that the committee has formally withdrawn its subpoena for fundraising information from the Republican National Committee and former President Donald Trump.

The outlet added that, according to sources familiar with the situation who spoke to The Washington Post,  lawyers for the RNC and software vendor Salesforce were informed last week of the committee’s withdrawal of the subpoena.

“The subpoena issued earlier this year sought records from Salesforce on the performance metrics and analytics related to email campaigns from Donald Trump, his reelection campaign and the RNC,” reported. “It comes as the panel prepares for at least one more hearing this month.

“We said all along that this subpoena was unconstitutional,” RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said after it was withdrawn. “This is a victory for freedom of speech, privacy, and Americans’ right of political association without fear of partisan reprisal.”




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