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No stories that would make black people — or more to the point, white liberals — feel uncomfortable.

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My inspiration for this story is from fellow Writer/ Journalist, Ann Coulter’s piece on substack.

Let’s hope that Republicans especially in blue districts point out the huge rise in crime since January 2021. And the recent alleged kidnapping and killing of a white person by a black made page 21 on a large city newspaper. But no white folks have started to riot.

Ann says it much better than I.

But aren’t you glad Democrats have a zillion “crime” proposals that will take guns away from the law-abiding? Just think of what might have happened if we introduced guns into this situation! Under Biden’s “Safer America Plan,” attempted kidnappings will be fought mano a mano: a delicate 130-pound woman vs. a 6-foot, 175-pound man.

Yeah, you can definitely trust Democrats on crime, America.

Democrats enthusiastically supported the 2020 BLM riots that did more than a billion dollars’ worth of damage just in the first two weeks and left at least 25 people dead.




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