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Drill baby drill is the message the nations largest bank CEO’S told the House Banking Committee

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Drill baby drill is the message the nations largest bank CEO’S told the House Banking Committee. One of the House Loons was not happy. By her comments it was obvious that she hasn’t a clue of what’s going on. The whole hearing was over six hours long. Bur this one loons comments stood out. This from Survive The News.

Executives from the country’s six largest banks testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday for its annual oversight to discuss issues including climate change and fossil fuels.

Far-left Rep. Rashida Talib (MI-D) asked all the bank executives if they have a policy against funding new oil and gas products.

Talib erupted after JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon humiliated her with his highly concise and on-point response.

“Absolutely not and that would be the road to Hell for America,” Dimon replied.

Dimon — asked for his analysis of modern energy investments into older forms of power including coal and gas — said the US is not on the right path.

“We aren’t getting this one right. The world needs 100 million barrels effectively of oil and gas every day. And we need it for 10 years,” Dimon said.

“To do that, we need proper investing in the oil and gas complex. Investing in the oil and gas complex is good for reducing CO2,” he continued.

“We’ve all seen, because of the high price of oil and gas — particularly for the rest of the world — you’ve seen everyone going back to coal.”

Dimon pointed to spikes in coal use worldwide, even among wealthy nations.

He added, “Not just poor nations like India and China, Indonesia and Vietnam — but wealthy nations like Germany, France and the Netherlands. CO2 is getting worse. We need to have proper rules and regulations and government policy to have an effective transition to reduce CO2, keeping energy secure.”

The loons response is in this tweet.

Best part was the CEO’S all agreed that they would continue funding new oil and gas drilling.




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