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Not just colleges, but all affirmative action must end. Get hired or accepted on your skill. Not skin color or race.

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You may have heard that the US Supreme Court is hearing a case on affirmative action being used in the colleges. It came about when Oriental ( Asian ) students were being openly discriminated against. Let’s hope that the courts abolish affirmative action. But take it one step further. The Workplace.

In so many situations, folks with less skill or talents are given jobs or promoted just to meet quotas to make it seem as if they’re being socially responsible. California is one of the worst states for this. I know every time I would go there, ( especially Northern California ) I would cross a bridge and praise the lord I made it safely across.

Construction and Manufacturing aren’t the only places you see quota hiring. Banking, Housing, Warehousing, etc. Hire the most qualified. Not the least qualified.




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