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Flipping a blue county to red tomorrow?

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This would be something to see this happen.

Republicans could be on the cusp of capturing Florida’s Miami-Dade County in Tuesday’s midterm elections, flipping a county that hasn’t voted for a Republican governor in 20 years.

“The way the numbers are going, they could win it, absolutely,” Democratic State Senator Annette Taddeo told the New York Times Saturday.

“Republicans will feel emboldened and take it as a playbook and go around the country to communities in Nevada and in California and in Virginia and in Pennsylvania,” Christian Ulvert, a Democratic political consultant in Miami, told the New York Times. “It should be a massive warning sign to Democratic leaders across the country.”

Taddeo’s fears of a Republican victory in Miami-Dade come as early voting data shows that more registered Republicans have currently voted than registered Democrats, a potentially ominous sign for Democrats, who depend on racking up an early voting lead ahead of a wave of Republic votes on election day.

Republicans have begun to express optimism in their chances as well, with Lieutenant Governor Jeanette M. Núñez declaring during a rally last month that the GOP will win Miami-Dade County come Nov. 8.”

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