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Unfortunately, what happens in Canada doesn’t stay in Canada

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Unfortunately, what happens in Canada doesn’t stay in Canada

Canadian college job posting: “Successful candidates will self-identify as black”

“Successful candidates” for an economics professor job at a Toronto public university must “self-identify as Black of African Descent,” according to the school’s listing for the position.

Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University, lists an opening for a tenure-track economics position restricted to applicants who are “Africans and African heritage people from the Caribbean, Americas, Europe.”

The application deadline is December 21 and the job opening is posted on AcademicWork, a job bank managed by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

The College Fix emailed Brennan Thompson, chair of the hiring committee, on December 12 to confirm that this search is restricted to black applicants of African descent and whether Toronto Metropolitan University has utilized race or ethnicity as a necessary criterion in hiring in any other position.

The Fix has not received a response.

Other university job listings have excluded whites and Asians or offered preferential options to some minorities

This is not the first racially restrictive job posting reported by The Fix.

The University of Louisville in 2015 posted a department of physics and astronomy ad for “a tenure-track assistant professor position that will be filled by an African-American, Hispanic American or a Native American Indian.”

In September of this year, Richard Lowery, an associate professor of finance at the University of Texas at Austin, filed a lawsuit against Texas A&M University that accused the public institution of creating a program in which scholar candidates of color would be given preferential hiring treatment over white and Asian males, The Fix reported.

The lawsuit cited a fund that was set aside for tenure-track hires from “underrepresented minority groups.” The fund defines underrepresented minority groups as African Americans, Latino Americans and Native Americans.




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