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Thanks to Musk, we now know the so called conspiracy theories were actual facts.

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Thanks to Musk, we now know the so called conspiracy theories were actual facts. So everything about the FBI and Twitter working together was true. The shadow banning, banning, exchanging information and Twitter being paid to block people and information. 

What was pathetic was the FBI statement saying they only made recommendations. Let’s say that’s all they did. Why would a government agency be making suggestions on who to ban or what information should be allowed?

This from Musk.

“To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true. Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn’t turn out to be true? So far, they’ve all turned out to be true. If not more true than people thought.”



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Now isn’t this special. Thanks Ann Coulter.

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From Ann Coulter.

Well, the Jan. 6 committee has produced its long-awaited report. In a surprise move, the committee referred former President Donald Trump for criminal prosecution, accusing him of inciting insurrection, among other crimes.

    In fairness, Jan. 6, 2021, was the day that Trump announced he would open our southern border and allow nearly 5 million unvetted illegal immigrants into our country, whereupon they would be flown to various cities around the U.S. and given full access to all our welfare programs.

     Obviously, this constitutes insurrectionary behavior. The committee had no choice but to demand criminal charges.

LATE BULLETIN: It was NOT the former president who did this, but the current president, Joe Biden. In another development, it turns out that engineering a foreign invasion of our country has been redefined as a “humanitarian mission.”

When will this “humanitarian mission” end? Apparently, never — not until all 7 billion humans living in places less luxe than America have moved here, at which point America won’t be so hot anymore, so no one will want to come.

Thus, The New York Times quoted Jennifer Quigley, of Human Rights First, saying of our intervention in Afghanistan: “We can’t claim mission accomplished. There are still too many vulnerable people abroad.”

After spending billions of dollars trying to build a semblance of civil society in that stone-age culture, evidently now we’re supposed to open our doors to everyone who lives there. Even granting that absurd notion, I can’t help but notice that Quigley seamlessly shifted from “Afghanistan” to “people abroad.”

So we have to take in every “vulnerable” person who doesn’t already live in the U.S.? Is there any other way to interpret her statement?

CNN demands that we fly Afghans here directly, not content to wait for these future Nobel Prize-winners to take the air-land route from Afghanistan through Central America into our country — which they are also doing.

For the last few weeks, CNN has aired a story almost every hour about how Afghans “risked their lives” to save Americans, so now we owe them permanent residency in our country. It’s unclear whom we were ever fighting, inasmuch as everyone in the country seems to have been a “translator.”

CNN hosts triumphantly produced a letter by “retired diplomats,” warning that if the U.S. doesn’t “support its allies” [by allowing them to move here], “in the future our allies will be less likely to support the U.S. missions.” (And then who will teach third-worlders about feminism, gays and George Floyd?)

Former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan must be relieved to hear liberals admit that how we treat those who put their lives on the line for our country will determine how we are willing to do so in the future. Whelan, you’ll recall, is rotting in a Russian prison, because a lesbian, Women’s National Basketball Association star (but I repeat myself) took precedence over him in a prisoner trade. We’re looking for a few good men. Anybody? Anybody?

We’ve already taken in 76,000 Afghans since Biden’s smooth withdrawal last year. (Please, God, tell me we rescued the Afghans who helped paint the George Floyd mural.)

And look at what a blessing they’ve been!

Mohammad Haroon Imaad was among the first batch of beloved Afghan “translators” brought to America last year. He was still living on the Fort McCoy military base in Wisconsin when he was charged with beating and choking his wife. She explained that he beat her all the time back in Afghanistan, once blinding her in both eyes.

Obviously, the Imaad household is going to be a real boon to our country. Yeah, we’re gonna have to raise the Social Security retirement age and start means-testing, but on the bright side, we’ve provided housing to Mrs. Imaad and paid for her astronomically expensive eye operations.

On the very same military base, another cherished Afghan ally, Bahrullah Noori, committed multiple forcible sexual assaults on children within weeks of arriving. Other Afghans flown to Fort McCoy showed up with child brides and multiple wives.

Just weeks after the Afghan-of-the-Month competition at Fort McCoy, another Afghan on our “must-have” list, Zabihullah Mohmand, was accused of raping a woman in Missoula, Montana. How long had he been here? A week? But the good news is, Mohmand was fully vetted by our government, according to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. If you can’t trust those guys …

In response, the media promptly stopped reporting those stories. Perhaps a better idea would be for CNN to have a word with the 76,000 “translators” already deposited on our shores. Hey, guys! Remember, for the next few months, NO RAPING!

     Again, these were the most-favored Afghans, the ones who qualified for the first round of emergency admissions. And they just keep coming.

     Now, that’s what most people call an “insurrection.”



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Putting it out there. Washington Post Report Showing Exercise Reduces COVID-19 Risk was Criticized Online for “Confirming the Obvious”

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Washington Post Report Showing Exercise Reduces COVID-19 Risk was Criticized Online for “Confirming the Obvious”

How can that be? A part time water department employee tells us only the multiple jabs prevent COVID risks.

A Washington Post report showing exercise reduces COVID-19 risk was criticized online Wednesday for “confirming the obvious” and vindicating critics who opposed gym closures during the pandemic, Fox News reported.

Gretchen Reynolds, a health columnist for the Washington Post, mentioned in what she called an “eye-opening study” in an article titled “Regular exercise protects against fatal COVID, a new study shows” that confirmed any amount of activity significantly lowered the risk of acquiring a severe coronavirus infection.

“Men and women who worked out at least 30 minutes most days were about four times more likely to survive covid-19 than inactive people, according to an eye-opening study of exercise and coronavirus outcomes among almost 200,000 adults in Southern California,” according to the article.

“The study found that exercise, in almost any amount, reduced people’s risks for a severe coronavirus infection. Even people who worked out for as little as 11 minutes a week — yes, a week — experienced lower risks of hospitalization or death from covid than those who moved about less,” it added.

“The findings add to mounting evidence that any amount of exercise helps lower the ferocity of coronavirus infections, a message with particular relevance now, as holiday travel and gatherings ramp up and covid cases continue to rise.”

“It turns out exercise is even more powerful than we thought” at protecting people from severe covid, said Robert Sallis, a clinical professor at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine in Los Angeles and senior author of the new study.

Many people online blasted the far-left Washington Post for reporting a study of what most people already knew since the beginning of the pandemic.







While the rest of the world is busy mandating the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, El Salvador launched a new ad campaign to help prevent COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele launched a new ad campaign that promotes people to live a healthy lifestyle, early this year.

The campaign video, tweeted by President Bukele, tells Salvadorans that a healthy lifestyle also helps reduce any complications caused by COVID-19. It is the safest and easiest way to combat COVID-19.

The video gives recommendations that people need to follow to help reduce complications from COVID-19 and prevent deaths and hospitalizations.

The El Salvadoran government told people what the “experts” should have been saying from the beginning. American health officials, Dr. Anthony Fauci,  Joe Biden, and state governors should spend time talking about these things and not about pushing experimental vaccines to kids and adults.

Here’s the translation:

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps reduce complications from COVID-19. The groups most at risk of mortality are older adults and people with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and chronic diseases. Therefore, put these recommendations into practice. Eat a healthy balanced diet to get closer to your ideal weight. Do outdoor activities so you can breathe fresh air and get some sun. What your body needs to make vitamin D. Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your kidneys healthy. Reduce stress by spending time with yourself such as doing yoga or reading a book. Try to sleep no less than 6 hours a day. Include citrus fruits in your diet, such as lemons, oranges, or tangerines. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, foods high in sugar or saturated fat. Today more than ever we must take care of each other. Stay healthy. Government of El Salvador.”






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Republicans release factual report on January 6. Not a what to do about nothing report.

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Republicans release factual report on January 6. Not a what to do about nothing report. One word. Security. The Biased Democrat report ignored totally of what went wrong. Capitol police and the DC PD had a four day warning and a offer of assistance from the White House. Refused.

The report doesn’t mention Trumps involvement cause he wasn’t present at the disturbance. Remember he gave a speech at his rally and there was no disturbance.

Partial Republican Report.

Reps. Rodney Davis of Illinois, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and Troy Nehls of Texas were also part of the group that released the Republican report Wednesday.

Pelosi had objected to McCarthy’s picks of Jordan and Banks for the Jan. 6 select committee last July, and McCarthy withdrew all party support for the select committee probe. Pelosi eventually announced two Republican appointees: Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

The Republican report faulted Capitol Police leadership for failing to adequately train officers or give them the equipment needed to protect the complex. The authors also pointed out that changes to a key intelligence-gathering division in December 2020 crippled the agency’s ability to prepare for the protests and subsequent attack.

“The slow response to the violence at the Capitol represents a multi-jurisdictional security breakdown. But the entity that is singularly tasked with protecting the Capitol complex failed to do just that on January 6, 2021,” the Republican report states.

For instance, according to the report, the incoming head of the division changed protocol so that analysts no longer conducted proactive social media searches. That left police leadership unaware of many of the threats circulating online.

The report also blamed Democratic leadership’s concerns over “optics” of calling the National Guard to the Capitol for a delay in their arrival. Testimony about concern for the optics came from Capitol Police leadership or members of the military.

Separately, the report also noted that Defense Department officials made their own changes that kept decision-making about the National Guard deployment away from congressional leaders.

The full report is below.



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Risk of Sudden Hearing Loss Doubled in the Elderly After COVID Shots -Report

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The hits just keep coming from these shots – is this the new definition of  “safe and effective?”

By Dr. Peter A. McCullough Dec 20, 2022

Loss of hearing in the elderly is common affecting both the patient and the people around them trying to communicate.

I have noticed many of my vaccinated elderly patients developing progressive hearing loss. Nieminen et al have conducted an extensive hearing assessment of patients in Finland after COVID-19 vaccination and compared them to the unvaccinated. The data suggested each successive shot increased risk for hearing loss. However, the most important results are in the supplemental tables which demonstrate the elderly and those with risk factors for hearing loss are pushed over the edge by COVID-19 vaccination.

Nieminen TA, Kivekäs I, Artama M, Nohynek H, Kujansivu J, Hovi P. Sudden Hearing Loss Following Vaccination Against COVID-19. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Published online December 15, 2022. doi:10.1001/jamaoto.2022.4154

Their risk for sudden and substantial loss of hearing is more than double those who wisely deferred on the vaccines.

The Spike protein produced by the vaccines is a neurotoxin damaging nerves throughout the body and likely having more of an impact in nervous tissue which is already degenerated such as the auditory nerve. It is also possible the Spike protein incites inflammation leading to fibrosis in the tissue holding the stapes or stirrup which is a bone in the middle ear, the annular ligament, or the oval window all involved in the conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ear.

If you have an elderly person in your circle who has been vaccinated, check on their hearing and do not fall behind on progressive hearing loss which if unchecked, can lead to social withdrawal and insidious depression.

Reposted from the author’s Substack

Nieminen TA, Kivekäs I, Artama M, Nohynek H, Kujansivu J, Hovi P. Sudden Hearing Loss Following Vaccination Against COVID-19. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Published online December 15, 2022. doi:10.1001/jamaoto.2022.4154

Is there a counter-vax to the Covid vaxxes?



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AZ Election Challenge Trial Reveals Bombshell Confession

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On top of the malfunctioning machines and 4-hour-long waiting lines in Maricopa  County, we now have this startling confession:

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified Wednesday during GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s election challenge trial that the individual polling locations did not tally the total number of votes cast in the midterm elections, a violation of Arizona state law.

One of the allegations in Lake’s lawsuit is that the total number of ballots the county reported in the election increased by nearly 25,000 from Nov. 9, the day after the contest, to Nov. 11.

That number is significant because it exceeds Katie Hobbs’ approximately 17,000-vote margin of victory over Lake.

“They’re not counted at the individual loading locations.”

“On Election Day it would’ve been easy for you to figure out how many ballots you received,” Blehm said to Richer.

He responded, “Well, we had to get them all in and it was quite a process throughout the night.”

Blehm interjected, “You can look at the forms and add the numbers. Correct?”

“They’re not counted at the individual loading locations,” Richer said. “They are counted when they get back to MCTEC and then they are recounted at Runbeck.”

“Does anybody know when those ballots leave the voting centers how many are in the bins?” Blehm asked.

“When the early ballots leave the voting centers, no, they are not counted at the voting centers,” Richer answered.

Blehm followed up, “Nobody knows how many [ballots] are in the bins when they arrive at MCTEC. Correct?”
“Correct,” Richer said.

The 2019 Arizona elections procedures manual, which cites state law, requires an audit at each voting location of the total number of ballots cast. The results must be recorded in an official ballot report.

The audit even requires accounting for the total amount of ballot stock paper on-site. The ballots cast must then be placed in sealed boxes.

According to former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Maricopa County should have known the total number of ballots on Election Day or certainly by the day after.

Each voting center, he explained, should have reported the exact number of voters and the number of early ballots that were dropped off.

The county must be able to answer the question, “How many ballots are we responsible for?” Bennett said.

“And it should match up with the number of people who signed in on the voting list or envelopes of the people that mailed theirs in or … dropped them off at voting centers on Election Day.”




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A ‘Cover-Up of Evidence of Mass Murder’: The CDC Removing VAERS Records ?

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“It’s not an accident they would do this.”

By: The Vigilant Fox  (a citizen journalist with 12 years of healthcare experience, focused on The Great Reset, world protests, and COVID-19.) December 21, 2022

Video available on Rumble

Something strange is going on with the VAERS system. Reports that were present three months ago are now inexplicably missing. And fewer than 4% of adverse events recorded in V-Safe have made their way to VAERS. This is the CDC’s database; Rochelle Walensky is in charge of it. And their failure to properly manage VAERS is suppressing the already-alarming safety signal of the Covid-19 shots.

Fifty deaths pulled the swine flu vaxx off the market. Covid-19 vaxxes caused FIFTY deaths by January 2021!

Now, what is VAERS? VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. As mentioned earlier, VAERS is a database put in place in 1990 under the supervision of the CDC. Reports of suspected vaccine adverse events take about half an hour to fill out, and 86% of the time, this is done by a doctor, nurse, paramedic, coroner, or healthcare professional in which he or she believes the adverse event is related to a vaccine reaction. And because of its lengthy report process as well as the lack of awareness of the existence of VAERS, there is a general consensus of a severe underreporting factor for this database.

To get a better idea of what’s going on with the CDC’s handling of the VAERS system, Dr. Naomi Wolf spoke with Dr. Henry Ealy, an expert on the database.

Dr. Henry Ealy is the Founder & Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine and has been at the tip of the spear on the Grand Jury front — taking action to bring forth a Grand Jury investigation of the CDC for allegations of criminal data fraud and willful misconduct.

“You mentioned that V-Safe should be added to VAERS, but only 4% of V-Safe [adverse events have been] added. Can you explain what that means to people and why it matters?” asked Dr. Wolf.

Dr. Ealy explained, “VAERS is designed specifically for medical professionals and people alike to report, ‘Hey, I got hurt.’ And when enough people have gotten hurt for officials to look at it and say, ‘Hey, this product isn’t safe; it’s got to come off the market.’ V-Safe was created (by the CDC) to also do something similar to that — and to make that process a little bit easier. You don’t need as much information to record a report in V-Safe.”

By streamlining the process, the CDC got inundated with adverse event reports from the Covid-19 shot. Out of the 10,108,273 individual users, 800,000 had an adverse event — or about 1 in 13. And of those 800,000 V-Safe reports, only 30,492 have been logged into VAERS.

Dr. Ealy continues, “In V-safe, there have been over 800,000 reports of injury. And the deal was that in V-Safe, every single report of injury was supposed to also then subsequently have a VAERS report associated with it. So that means all 800,000 should be in VAERS. But unfortunately, or by design — however you want to look at it — only just over 30,000 of those 800,000 have been recorded in VAERS. So what that means is that fewer than 4% of the records in V-Safe have actually been reported in VAERS as they were supposed to be done.”

“What a sneaky way to basically sweep almost 800,000 adverse events under the rug,” remarked Dr. Wolf.

“Adverse events, hospitalizations, permanent injuries, deaths — compromises [the] dataset,” replied Dr. Ealy.

“That’s so disgusting!” exclaimed Dr. Wolf.

To add insult to injury, not only are the bulk of V-Safe reports not making their way to VAERS, but Dr. Ealy suspects that VAERS reports are being removed.

What were 45,388 reports three months ago has now inexplicably dropped down to 12,544.

Specifically, he notes that between September 2022 and December 2022, the CDC has removed at least 32,844 records of injury related to the following conditions: myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart inflammation. What were 45,388 reports three months ago has now inexplicably dropped down to 12,544.

Note the different totals between first chart and this one

Dr. Ealy stresses he’s “triple-checked this,” and he stands by the allegation that they are removing or obfuscating records.

Dr. Jessica Rose has also reported similar issues with VAERS. She wrote on November 19, “The foreign data set was gutted this week in VAERS, and the cancer signal was halved. The myocarditis dose three response signal was lost, and 994 spontaneous abortions/stillbirths were dropped.”

So, from two credible sources, it is appears that the CDC is removing records.

“It’s not an accident they would do this,” attested Dr. Ealy. “With Dr. Ladapo and Governor DeSantis coming out with that study about myocarditis and pericarditis, they’re trying to do everything they can to delete records to thwart what Governor DeSantis and (Florida) Surgeon General Dr. Ladipo are doing.”

“I’m stunned,” expressed Dr. Wolf. “This is as big as the Pentagon Papers, easily, if indeed the CDC deleted those records. I’ve seen the screenshots; it looks pretty bad. And so, you’re saying that Dr. Ladapo and Governor DeSantis calling for a Grand Jury investigation could be the reason that they’re deleting these, basically, evidence of their crimes? Because Ladapo and DeSantis will be investigating that data? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Right,” confirmed Dr. Ealy. “When you read through the Grand Jury petition that Governor DeSantis signed and submitted to the Florida Supreme Court, they are putting a lot of what their argument based upon their findings with myocarditis. So myocarditis and pericarditis — and that’s not without good reason.

Dr. Ealy continues, “So the issue is — if you’re the CDC now — and you know you’ve been complicit in data fraud from day one, what do you start doing? Well, you’ve been deleting records for the last couple of years. Why not delete the records specific for myocarditis and pericarditis to try to thwart their attempts and try to discredit their analysis of what they’re doing? That’s what it looks like to me right now.”

“That’s many felonies!” exclaimed Dr. Wolf. “That’s not just a felony in terms of data handling — that’s a felony in terms of the criminal process, right? Isn’t that covering up evidence of a crime?

“Well, yeah. It would definitely [be],” replied Dr. Ealy.

The problem with VAERS as a federal system is yes, maybe if there is an erroneous record here or there, you should have the ability to delete it. But when you started seeing the CDC deleting hundreds of thousands of records and removing, in this case, over 32,000 records, or at least removing the search term. That’s my suspicion here — that they didn’t delete the record. What they deleted was that word — ‘myocarditis’ or ‘pericarditis or ‘heart inflammation’ in the actual report. And so, that’s modification of official records. And when you do that, that’s now criminal fraud — again. And, of course, it throws off our ability to really understand what’s going on with this because we rely on systems like this to give us information for making decisions.”

Dr. Wolf argues the CDC’s actions appear to be a “cover-up of evidence of mass murder.”

And she pleas Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Ladapo to get in touch with Dr. Ealy’s team “because what you all have uncovered is absolutely stunning.” “And this latest, which you’ve presented, should be on the cover of every newspaper and every magazine and every news site in the world. This is huge if, indeed, they’re concealing myocarditis outcomes.”




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What do real legal experts have to say about The referrals?

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What do real legal experts have to say about The referrals? Recently one of the lurkers on this website tried to justify the phony referrals sent to the DOJ in reference to Trump and attorney Eastman. Linked of all things, A MSNBC hack who tried to justify without evidence the referrals.

Remember that 800 people were arrested. Not one was charged for Insurrection. But yet this committee is claiming Trump called for an Insurrection. Below are real legal experts and what they have to say.



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Winning. Finally Ohio and North Carolina can draw redistricting maps.

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Come January North Carolina and Ohio will have favourable State Supreme Courts. Now they can ignore what was ruled by the present court. We will see a fair map for both Ohio and North Carolina.

The courts ruled against the maps that were drawn up by the elected Legislatures. But both maps were thrown out. But now with conservatives in power we wll see the Republican drawn maps in place.



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Can you spot the fake doctor? Just in case you’re still holding on to even a shred of trust in our medicos, I offer these:

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Thanks to Chris Fountain over at For What it’s Worth.


Journal of American Medicine says that global warming, not, say, Democrat rule in cities, or defunded police forces, is responsible for “surge in gun violence”

Here are a couple of excerpts from the piece to give you a flavor of what passes for medical science these days:

Accounting for seasonality and regional climate differences, they found that 7,973 shootings were attributable to above-average temperatures. The temperatures associated with increased gun violence varied considerably across cities. For example, both Seattle and Las Vegas experienced the highest elevated risk of gun violence during days when the temperature soared within the 96th percentile range of average daily temperatures—but for Seattle, that temperature was 84 degrees, while in Las Vegas, it was 104 degrees.

And of course, you can’t have pseudo medical news without systemic racism:

“The Northeast and Midwest regions are where we see some of the starkest differences in the built environment and other resources, according to race—to me, these inequities are the most interesting and important direction of this work,” Dr. Jay says. “We know that segregation and disinvestment lead communities of color, especially Black communities, to have greater exposure to adverse environmental conditions that contribute to gun violence risk, such as abandoned buildings, liquor stores, lack of green space, and more intense urban heat islands.”

And the ultimate hat trick: racism, global warming, guns:

Healthy tree canopy and other heat mitigation strategies can serve as part of a mission that’s “part racial justice, part climate change mitigation, and part gun violence prevention,” he says. “These are all urgent issues where we need to continue to partner with communities and work across disciplines.”


The ““medical authorities” aren’t done using health scares to push the global warming agenda, because it’s all one:

Consumer Safety Board weighs banning nature gas stoves

The U.S. agency in charge of making sure the country’s consumer products are safe will weigh regulations on new gas stoves, one of the board’s commissioners said on Wednesday.

Richard Trumka Jr., a commissioner on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), said during a virtual webinar on Wednesday that the commission will put out a formal request by March for information on hazards associated with gas stoves and possible solutions.

“This public request for information is the first step in what could be a long journey toward regulating gas stoves,” he said.

But he added that the process could be sped up with enough public pressure.

“We could get a regulation on the books before this time next year,” he said.

Trumka, who is the son of the late labor organizer of the same name, called an outright ban on new gas stoves “a real possibility.”

…. Recent studies have found that gas stoves can emit substances that are harmful to human health.

Richard Meyer, vice president of energy markets, analysis and standards at the American Gas Association, told The Hill in a written statement that the organization is “eager” to submit information “related to the safety of gas cooking appliances and ways to reduce cooking process emissions.”

The request for information is also highlighted in minutes from a CPSC meeting from late October, but did not appear to garner significant public attention at that time.

The minutes say commission staff will prepare a document seeking public input on “hazards associated with gas stoves” and “proposed solutions.”

The commission’s chair and two other commissioners are Biden nominees, while one commissioner is a Trump nominee.

Public Interest Research Group environment campaigns director Matt Casale said that such a standard could have significant public health benefits.

“It could mean better indoor air quality, which could mean fewer instances of childhood asthma, fewer flare ups of childhood asthma, fewer missed school days, fewer missed work days,” Casale told The Hill.

He added that regulations may also have secondary benefits in terms of climate change, but that the main focus would be air quality.

“Air quality”. Uh-huh. I warned this was coming back in January when reports like this began cropping up:

The move to ban gas stoves is heating up

Over the past three years, dozens of cities across the country have banned natural gas hookups in newly constructed buildings as part of a growing campaign to reduce carbon emissions from homes. The movement scored a major victory last month, when New York City’s outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a ban on gas hookups in new buildings.

Though new laws apply to the entire home, the policy debate often focuses on one room in particular: the kitchen. Gas stoves account for a relatively small share of the emissions released by a typical household, but they’ve become a proxy for a larger fight over how far efforts to curb at-home natural gas consumption in the name of fighting climate change should go.


And where would we be without Harvard’s medical/political experts? Conservatives are killing us.

Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes.

Washington Post

December 16, 2022

As the coronavirus pandemic approaches its third full winter, two studies reveal an uncomfortable truth: The toxicity of partisan politics is fueling an overall increase in mortality rates for working-age Americans.

In one study, researchers concluded that people living in more-conservative parts of the United States disproportionately bore the burden of illness and death linked to COVID-19. The other, which looked at health outcomes more broadly, found that the more conservative a state’s policies, the shorter the lives of working-age people.

The reasons are many, but, increasingly, it is state — and not just federal — policies that have begun to shape the economic, family, environmental and behavioral circumstances that affect people’s well-being. Some states have expanded their social safety nets, raising minimum wages and offering earned income tax credits while using excise taxes to discourage behaviors — such as smoking — that have deleterious health consequences. Other states have moved in the opposite direction.

Harvard researchers analyzed data on COVID-19 mortality rates and the stress on hospital intensive care units across all 435 congressional districts from April 2021 to March 2022. They also examined congressional members’ overall voting records, how they voted on four coronavirus relief bills, and whether the governor’s office and legislature of a state were controlled by one party.

The study, published this month in the Lancet Regional Health-Americas, found that the more conservative the voting records of members of Congress and state legislators, the higher the age-adjusted COVID mortality rates — even after taking into account the racial, education and income characteristics of each congressional district along with vaccination rates.

Do you believe this, about soon-to-die mothers? I don’t believe this — I think it’s exactly the kind of bogus prediction that now dominates “science”:

With abortion services no longer legal nationwide, university researchers have estimated that maternal deaths could increase by up to 25 to 30 percent, worsening the nation’s maternal mortality and morbidity crisis.

It’s long past time for us to go back to the reliable medical advice that used to be found so readily on what was then our social media.




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