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Cher Attacks Anti-vaxxers Claiming They Are Responsible for Her “Major B*tch” Flu

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Thanks to the folks over at Gateway.

So Cher gets the flu and said the anti vaxxers are to blame cause she didn’t get the flu shot. In a tweet earlier in December,  the 76-year-old claimed that she hesitated to get a flu shot last 2022 because of the anti-vaxxers propaganda and is now suffering from a persistent cough and a burning sensation in her throat.

What does that mean? Maybe she was no longer believing the fauch on the COVID jab? So because of possible doubts she didn’t get the flu  shot? Here’s a bit from that loon.

“Was going to get Flu Shot, but Hesitated, Cause of Antivaxers PROPAGANDA. If [you] don’t Want Vaccination, keep it to [yourself]. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE [PEOPLE],” she continued.















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