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Pampering Chickens cost Californians over $7.00 a dozen.

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Pampering Chickens cost Californians over $7.00 a dozen. So what’s next? Air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter? I was upset when a dozen of eggs cost $2.89 last week. But compared to California that’s dirt cheap.

The average retail price for a dozen large eggs jumped to $7.37 in California this week, up from $4.83 at the beginning of December and just $2.35 at this time last year, data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show. This is being blamed on the bird flu.

Beside price gouging, I think cage free is another reason. In Ohio I saw that the cage free eggs are $3.99 average. This time last year eggs were $2.35 in California. Ohio $.098. You tell me why we see the big difference.


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