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No longer can Democrats vote from their Children’s Mistresses Home.

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Three years ago when the COVID virus from China hit, Pelosi set in place a rule that you could vote from your home or office if you feared coming to the House would bring you into contact with someone with COVID.

Well the Democrats were using that as an excuse to see their mistresses and their bastard children(just kidding). Voting from outside the country, and other locations that weren’t their home or office.

My former congressman (Tim Ryan) several times voted Proxy cause he feared getting COVID. Here he was out campaigning out in COVID country, California. That’s now over.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) celebrated. “Proxy voting has ended in the House! It was rarely used for its stated purpose of dealing with COVID.”

“But it was frequently abused by members to attend fund raisers, campaign, go on vacation, and avoid traveling for work. I’m one of a small minority who never voted by proxy,” he added:

Indeed, the new rules essentially nix proxy voting, which was instituted due to the Chinese coronavirus nearly three years ago.


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