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Mar-a Largo doesn’t compare to Biden’s Penngate. The final chapter for now.

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Mar-a Largo is nothing like Biden’s Penngate. The final chapter for now. This will be the end of the series. It doesn’t mean that the stories ended. It’s actually just beginning. The most telling part of today was when AG Garland announced that the AG from Chicago who  started looking into Biden’s Penngate announced that there was enough there to warrant a special prosecutor.

We also found out that not one, or two, but three locations and counting where there was classified documents. A locked closet, a locked garage, and a room in one of Biden’s homes.

I had mentioned previously that the documents mentioned Ukraine and the Biden Penn Center being funded by Chinese money. And a possible Hunter Connection. Well Joe now has the power to declassify documents. If there’s nothing to hide, declassifyall the documents that were found.

In closing Trump always admitted he had the documents and claimed he declassified them. Biden lied at first about the documents, then admitted he had them but they were locked up. Locked or not, he had no legal right to them. On that we all have to agree.




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