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Left wing extremist MSM crew member attacks Journalist.

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We heard how the New York progressives were going to put a hurting on peaceful Conservatives and MFG would be assaulted and run out of town during the Trump court appearance this past Tuesday.

We had some pushing and shoving, but no beat down like the left promised. But there was some excitement from a MSM news crew member making death threats against a Journalist.

An independent photojournalist named Oren Levy was violently assaulted by a deranged CBS News crew member while covering the Trump arraignment in New York City on Tuesday.

The Post Millennial was the first outlet to cover the incident. In the video below, a large, deranged black man grabs Levy by the jacket and shoves him back. He screams “don’t ever f**k with me” at Levy for an unknown reason.





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