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What keeps White Progressives awake at night? No Labels Party.

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What keeps white Progressives awake at night. No Labels Party. In case you haven’t heard, the No Labels folks are RINOS and so called Moderate Democrats. They are serious about starting a third party. And right now they want Joe Manchin as their President.

We have this from The NY Times who reported:

At the top of the list of potential candidates is Senator Joe Manchin III, the conservative West Virginia Democrat who has been a headache to his party and could bleed support from President Biden in areas crucial to his re-election.

The centrist group’s leadership was in New York this week raising part of the money — around $70 million — that it says it needs to help with nationwide ballot access efforts.

Other potential No Labels candidates being floated include Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona independent, and former Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, a Republican, who has said he would not run for the G.O.P. nomination and is the national co-chairman of the group. But Mr. Manchin has received most notice recently after speaking on a conference call last month with donors.

This if successful hurts Democrats much more than the Republicans. I guess this is the what Moderates will fix the broken Democrat party. Republicans who support this wouldn’t vote Republican anyway.

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