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Winning only if it isn’t redacted. FBI caves.

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Winning only if it isn’t redacted. FBI caves. The FBI has agreed to show the entire committee the document on the Biden cartel. Now the only thing that should be redacted is the sources name.

It’s a known fact that if the name were to be revealed, the Democrats would reveal it and that person would not be long for this world. What will be telling is what will the media say when this is revealed.

FBI officials confirmed Monday that the unclassified FBI-generated record “has not been disproven and is currently being used in an ongoing investigation by a confidential human source who provided information about the vice president by being involved in a criminal bribery scheme is a trusted, highly credible informant who has been used by the FBI for over ten years and has been paid over 6 figures.”

Remember Congressman Raskin denied that this was revealed to him. Denied it even though the FBI told him that four times.


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