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If a so called scientist says Transgender is the norm, they’re practicing junk science.

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If a so called scientist says Transgender is the norm, they’re practicing junk science. Sadly the folks making the loudest noise are white progressives who’s education barely goes past the eight grade.

There is a male and a female. Not male who thinks they’re female and vice versa. Also the numbers are small. How small?  A staggering 99%-plus of the population does not have the physical traits that cause someone to become transgender. People with gender dysphoria — a condition that causes extreme distress — deserve empathy and respect. But only a miniscule 0.6% of the adult population has it, says the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, an LGBTQ think tank.

So why would you teach this to normal children? More children claim to be transgender, but isn’t that because you have adults who have their attention ( Teachers ) 6-8 hours a day? And adults who tell the children to keep this hid from their parents.

Normal, no. It is a rare condition. Most gender dysphoria manifests in early childhood, according to a 2020 study at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, so guidance counselors and teachers should be trained to offer families help. But there’s no reason to incorporate it into the curriculum, inviting children to choose their pronouns and confusing the 99% who don’t have the condition.

Can normalcy win this? The US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled last year that an Ohio public university could not force a professor to address transgender students using their chosen pronouns contrary to the professor’s Christian beliefs. This month, Shawnee State University agreed to pay the professor $400,000 to settle his suit.






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