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What part of the more you go to wind and solar, the more expensive it gets?

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What part of the more you go to wind and solar, the more expensive it gets? We keep on seeing how the fanatics keep on pushing alternative fuels to replace fossil fuels. But this energy saver is far from it. Just ask New York. 

A recent report by the state Public Service Commission’s staff found the transition is already increasing utility bills. National Grid electric customers in upstate New York saw 9.8 percent of their bills go toward climate investments in 2022; for Con Edison customers in New York City, it was 4.4 percent. That amounts to an average of about $9.40 out of a $96 monthly bill for upstate Grid customers and $7.90 out of a $182 monthly bill for Con Ed customers.

Or ask New Jersey. And this was before he set even more ambitious clean energy targets this year.

A study released by the state’s utility regulators last summer found Murphy’s clean energy policies could increase rates by 10 percent to 20 percent unless people use less energy, buy an electric car and rip out their natural gas appliances to install new electric appliances.

Or how about Washington state? Washington state’s first auctions under a new cap-and-trade program have raised significant revenue. But the program has been linked to rising fuel prices in the state, with farmers saying they’re getting hit despite an exemption in the law.

Finally, California. Programs increase gas costs between 22 and 44 cents per gallon, Newsom is now in the midst of implementing an anti-price gouging law targeting oil and gas companies. How will that work with more and more corporations leaving.

Renewables are not reliable and are more expensive. Regardless of what state you live in, what’s happened to your electric bill since 2021.





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