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White Progressive Supremacists upset that someone beside a criminal is armed.

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White Progressive Supremacists are upset that someone beside a criminal is armed. How funny is this? A person is armed and he’s protesting in front one of Joey’s many homes. And he’s not a criminal and worse yet for these folks is that he’s white.

The unknown protester was described by pool reporters as wearing a neon yellow-and-orange safety vest, khaki cargo shorts, tan boots and socks. He was holding a protest sign. His two-sided sign expressed statements that the president used aliases and that he and his family were involved in criminal activity, they said.

A protester carrying a sign walks across an intersection near President Joe Biden's Wilmington home on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023.

Photos taken by bystanders show what appears to be a gun in the protester’s holster.

(1) Josh Marshall on X: “From pool report Trump terrorists stalking Biden family” / X (





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