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Trump, Kennedy, and Biden. The Black vote.

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Trump, Kennedy, and Biden. The Black vote.

By Tom Tillison

Fox News host Jesse Watters stated the obvious on Monday’s edition of “The Five,” which is that Donald Trump “is not winning the black vote.”

The popular show’s quintet was discussing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. potentially being a spoiler candidate by running as an independent when Watters opined on who would be hurt more.

“It hurts Biden more than it hurts Trump,” he said. “I looked at some videos for the RFK rallies. You will not see Trump-looking voters at RFK rallies. It is college students and Black Americans. OK? That’s not what I’d consider the Trump base, OK?”

Cohost Jessica Tarlov, the token liberal at the table, chimed in: “At least you’re admitting now that black people don’t like Donald Trump.”

“I’m talking demographically, Jessica. Or did that go over your head?” Watters countered. “Trust me, they don’t vote for Trump, they vote for Democrats.”

“I thought they voted for Trump in bigger numbers than any prior candidate. He keeps banking on the fact that he’ll get more and more black voters,” cohost Martha MacCallum interjected.

“Trump is not winning the black vote!” Watters insisted. “He’ll do better than last time. But when you see a crowd of black people and a crowd of college students, you do not say, ‘That is a Trump rally!’ I mean, come on, people! Are we stupid here? Are we Jamaal Bowman here? What’s going on?”

(U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman is the Democratic lawmaker from New York who claimed he pulled a fire alarm because he thought it would open a locked door.)

Watters proceeded to paint a hypothetical involving northeastern voters.

“Let’s just say New Hampshire — critical vote electorally. You see Trump’s name, you see Biden’s name and you see Kennedy,” he explained. “Kennedy is synonymous with Democrat. Everybody in New Hampshire used to live in Massachusetts. They’re all Boston transplants. This guy has Boston coming out of his pores.”

“Who has a firmer grip on their base? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Donald Trump does. Donald Trump absolutely does,” Watters continued. “Have you ever met a Trump voter that’s like, ‘You know what, I’m really considering voting for Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, who, if you go on his website, wants to stop mining, logging, and oil exploration. If you go on his website, RFK Jr., who I like, also wants government-run daycare. He is pro-choice! I’m not saying Trump people wouldn’t consider voting for him. I’m saying, overwhelmingly, this pulls from Biden.”

Jesse Watters: ‘Trump is not winning the black vote’ (




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