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It’s not US VS. THEM, It’s You VS. US.

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Recently a moderator on one of the new disqus house channels has decided to join fellow cultist in going after me and several other Conservatives. Disqus has been made aware of it’s personal hatred and name calling towards those who disagree with it.

It has a new group of friends ( being an all star has nothing to do with it.) Speaking of all stars, his feelings towards Conservative all stars.

People need to stop calling everyone my “friends” – It’s annoying and presumptive. Having a legacy All Star star doesn’t mean we’re friends – there are some super conservative people with Stars that I wouldn’t give the time of day, socially.

And what do his new found friends think of the disqus house channel it mods on? Here’s a little snippet.

Editor’s Note: Periodically, Jaye and I pop into the Disqus 2.0 shitholes Channels so you don’t have to. 

Now this moderator even uses the cultists phrase of us vs, them. Meaning that Conservative articles (mainly mine) is Conservative VS. Cultist  Progressive.  It gets upset claiming that I only give one side. When do Progressives give the other side?

I will even use Liberal websites and I give the links so you can see the whole story. Do progressives do the same? This moderator has a hard on against the right. Maybe he’ll come here and explain why it has such hatred.

I use it because I don’t know if the Moderator is male or female.




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