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How could this be? Abortions Increased Since Roe Reversed.

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How could this be? Abortions Increased Since Roe Reversed. We all heard the cultists crying after the court’s reversal of Roe. Women are going to die. Alley abortions will be done. Women will be forced to allow the babies to live. Guess what? None of that happened.

According to a new report from the Society of Family Planning, which supports abortion access, the myriad state bans and restrictions on the controversial procedure that have been enacted since the high court’s decision last June haven’t brought the total number of abortions nationwide down.

When compared to baseline data from April and May 2022, the report showed that there were nearly 117,000 more abortions in states where it’s legal after six weeks between July 2022 and June 2023.

Conversely, in states that ban or restrict abortion after six weeks, there were approximately 115,000 fewer procedures.

So, we didn’t see this huge number drop. Plus if a woman lived in a state that didn’t allow her to kill the baby, she could go to a state that allows murder.

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