Who will control the U.S. House in 2025? These 10 California congressional races could decide.

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Who will control the U.S. House in 2025?

The race for control of the House of Representatives in 2025 is a toss-up, analysts say, with 10 California contests likely to figure significantly in the final outcome. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Inside Elections and Elections Daily rank districts by partisan advantage. Forecasters rate close elections as “toss-up,” “leaning” or “likely” to go for a Democrat or Republican. Projections continue to shift — and did after Republicans picked a new House Speaker on Oct. 25. Prospective candidates still have until mid-December to file for candidacy.

Right now it looks as if the Republicans will hold what they gained in 2022. Also there’s two more seats that the Republicans can take. The key for all the Republican seats is money.




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