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Jonathan Turley Weighs in on Freeze on Trump Gag Order.

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Jonathan Turley Weighs in on Freeze on Trump Gag Order. He thinks that it’s significant because the judges could have passed on it but didn’t. His reasoning is that it’s unconstitutional.

The part that bothers me is that the judge allows Smith to attack and witnesses like Barr to make derogatory statements. But when Trump defends himself, the judge says no. This from Turley.

“I said that when it was first issued. It’s a very odd concept of an order because the court here insisted on having this trial before the election, sort of shoehorned it in before Super Tuesday,” Turley added. “And everyone in this election is going to be talking about these cases, except one person under this gag order and that is Donald Trump.”

Turley continued, “He can’t criticize the prosecutors, he can’t criticize witnesses, and special counsel Jack Smith just asked for this order to be expanded in an equally unconstitutional way and that has drawn the criticism even of the ACLU, which is a staunch critic of Donald Trump, but the ACLU has said look, this is flagrantly unconstitutional.”

Jonathan Turley Reacts To Stay On Trump D.C. Gag Order (




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