CENSORED!!! US House Is Censoring The Gateway Pundit Website! Website blocked!

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Regressives good. Conservatives bad.

On Thursday afternoon, The Gateway Pundit was notified by friendly sources on Capitol Hill that our website was being censored by the House network.

A staffer from Congressman Paul Gosar’s office sent the following email to The Gateway Pundit:

Hello Jim,

Wanted to notify you that I have been unable to access the Gateway Pundit on the House network for the past two weeks.

Included in the email was a photo from their computer of the Gateway Pundit censored by the House internet.

TGP Washington DC reporter Jordan Conradson contacted Rep. Gosar’s Communications Director, Anthony Foti, who confirmed that some government-issued computers used by Gosar’s staff displayed the error code seen above upon visiting our site. According to the individual who sent the aforementioned email, this also occurs on his government-issued laptop when connected to his home network.

Additionally, one House IT specialist told Conradson that the firewall installed on the computers blocks webpages that are deemed “unauthorized” by the House Admin Office.

Conradson reached out to the House Administrative Committee on Thursday. We are still awaiting a response.

This is not surprising, as they have also refused to provide Conradson with press credentials to cover Capitol Hill since we applied nearly four months ago in August.

On Friday, Rep. Matt Gaetz confirmed that The Gateway Pundit website was being censored by the House of Representatives in his office too! “If you try to go to the Gateway Pundit, the website is blocked according to House of Representatives policy,” said Gaetz.

Rep. Gaetz spoke about this on his podcast and said he was going to investigate.

Gaetz: The Gateway Pundit, a website that I read; they do breaking news, they do investigative reporting, they do opinion pieces, they publish op-eds. The Gateway Pundit is a great website. It’s a great source for analysis, and information, and opinion. Well, we went back to harvest the clip to show you on this program from the Gateway Pundit, and I have breaking news for you. The United States House of Representatives has blocked access for congressmen and congressional staff to the Gateway Pundit. That’s right. If you try to go to the Gateway Pundit, the website is blocked according to House of Representatives policy. So we’re going to fix that. I don’t know who thought that was an appropriate action. But we’re gonna get to the bottom of it. I’m going to be speaking with the House Administration Committee Chairman [Bryan] Steil, Speaker of the House if necessary. We’re not going to have the House censoring our access to conservative news and to conservative analysis.


It should be noted that The Gateway Pundit is the lead plaintiff in the Missouri-Louisiana v. Biden lawsuit on government censorship of speech in America today. The lawsuit is expected to reach the US Supreme Court early next year.

The Gateway Pundit is a leading conservative website in the United States. The Gateway Pundit has over 2.5 million page views per day and is closing in on nearly one billion page views per year. The Gateway Pundit is one of the most prominent grassroots websites and is supportive of President Trump and the MAGA agenda.

A portent of things to come as the election draws nearer? –TPR




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