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Heroic Teen Uses Final Moments to Save Friends After Horrific Road Rage Attack

According to police, Wilson unintentionally swerved in front of a four-door sedan to avoid getting into an accident on Interstate 45. Had the races been reversered, the MSM pundits would be howling for Blood, and more Gun Control.


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A Texas teen managed to safely steer her car off the road and save her passengers’ lives after being fatally shot in a road rage incident.

Louise Jean Wilson, 17, along with her boyfriend and a friend, were driving through Houston on Dec. 10 when the incident occurred, the New York Post reported.

According to police, Wilson unintentionally swerved in front of a four-door sedan to avoid getting into an accident on Interstate 45.

“The vehicle that they had cut off accelerated and overtook her on her driver’s side,” Det. Caleb Bowling said during a news conference. That was when the driver of the sedan opened fire.

Wilson pulled her vehicle off to the side of the freeway before succumbing to her injuries. She died at the scene.

“Louise’s last act was to safely pull over, most likely saving the lives of the two [passengers],” Bowling said. “It was a heroic act for her to be able to get that car to the side and stopped with the injuries that she sustained.”

A 17-year-old male passenger was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and released. A second male passenger was not injured.

“Our daughter was just trying to go to the beach to watch the sunrise with her boyfriend on her day off before she had to go back to work again,” said Wilson’s father, Daniel Wilson.

“She ended up dying a hero. She was shot through her heart, and she was still able to safely pull over the car and save people in her car and other people who were driving. She wanted to help people, and she helped them.”

Daniel Wilson also addressed his daughter’s killer.

“Just think about … what you took from this world and what she could have done,” he said. “Lay that on your conscience, whoever did this. Just know you gave an angel, but you took our baby girl.”

“Louise was a great girl, a wonderful soul, a great daughter, granddaughter and sister, and to have her life senselessly taken by a dirtbag — this should not have happened,” Wilson’s uncle, Leo Amoling, told KTRK-TV.

“I know it’s not just happening to us. There is a real crime issue in this country. We just want justice.”

The suspect, described as a black male in his mid-20s, is still at large, according to the Post.

According to Wilson’s obituary, she graduated high school a year early and was “just a few classes shy” of obtaining an associate’s degree. She hoped to work in law enforcement.

“Louise was a caring and gentle soul with a lovely personality that could light up a room,” the obituary said.

“Her life had far reaching impacts that only now we are able to comprehend. She is forever in our hearts and memories. We know she is up there with God singing and dancing in the perfect, peaceful landscape of heaven.”


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