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What happens when you allow hate groups like BLM? Ask Seattle.

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What happens when you allow hate groups like BLM. Ask Seattle. The city of Seattle has had enough. They had to go and take back their city park. BLM supposedly had a community garden. What did they create?

City officials said in a statement that the “makeshift,” temporary garden was being removed because of public health and safety concerns, as well as for maintenance reasons including reseeding and turf restoration.

The efforts on Wednesday also included the removal of tent encampments located near the garden and outside the park along E. Olive Street, which city officials said was to ensure the public spaces remain clean and open for everyone.

So far this year, the City’s Unified Care Team has cleaned up encampments at Cal Anderson Park 76 times, making the park one of the most frequently addressed areas in the city for repopulated encampments, the city said.






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