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Hey Joe, Remember when you claimed that you stopped the War in Yemen?

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Hey Joe, Remember when you claimed that you stopped the War in Yemen? During the Trump Administration, Saudi Arabia was buying weapons from the US and Yemen Progressive Houthis were labeled Terrorists.

Well Biden stopped the weapons sell and removed the Terrorist label from the Progressive Houthis. Joe even bragged that he stopped the war. Guess what? Houthis are attacking American ships and now Joe wants to label his former allies Terrorists.

Biden Says He’s Ending the Yemen War

Today marks a significant milestone—one year of a truce in the Yemen war. One year that has saved countless Yemeni lives, enabled increased humanitarian assistance to flow throughout the country, allowed Yemenis to travel throughout the Middle East, and set the conditions for a comprehensive peace. Maintaining this truce and strengthening progress toward peace has been a main focus of my administration’s engagement with our partners in the Middle East. That focus will continue intensively as we seek to build on this extraordinary progress and support all efforts towards a comprehensive resolution to this terrible conflict.

The United States remains fully committed to our partners in the region, and to supporting Saudi Arabia and the UAE from Iranian enabled attacks. The fact that cross border attacks from Yemen have ceased in the last year, as well as airstrikes inside Yemen, is yet another positive outcome of the truce. I look forward to continuing to work with all our partners in the region to permanently end the war in Yemen.




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